Research Topics

Our research group shares research space with Prof. Ohya's group in the same lab, but our research theme is independent. After new students are assigned to our group, I discuss with them to narrow down their research topics. The themes I present to them are basically related to autophagy in budding yeast, but depending on our discussions, the research theme may be in a related field. I have also started research on autophagy in organisms other than budding yeast, such as mammalian cells. I try to set up research themes that respect the will and motivation of students.

About Laboratory Meetings

Our research group holds a joint research progress report meeting (colloquium) and paper abstract reading meeting (seminar) with Prof. Ohya's group. These meetings are part of mandatory credits. The colloquium is usually held on Monday afternoon and the seminar on Friday morning. Due to the Corona Disaster, lab meetings for the 2021 academic year have been held online. Apart from the lab meetings, our group meetings are generally held face-to-face on Friday afternoons. This meeting is conducted one-on-one between me and the group members. I review the results of the week's research, check progress and problems, and revise our research plan for the following week.

Research Activities

To avoid disrupting the rhythm of your research life, I recommend that you come to the laboratory at about 10:00 a.m. A coherent amount of experimental time is necessary to carry out research. I believe that having an interest in and concentrating on your research will be a great source of nourishment for your future. In our group, live imaging experiments using fluorescence microscopes are the main method of analysis. We also extract genomic DNA from yeast for genotyping by PCR, clone genes, and extract proteins from yeast for Western blotting analysis. Our goal is to be able to present our research at conferences during the master's program. For doctoral students, I will support them in applying for various scholarships including JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships, and guide them in writing their thesis.

Job Hunting

I ask students to give priority to job hunting when it is time for them to find a job. I hope that you will concentrate on your job hunting activities and find a job of your choice. I have the impression that students who are able to switch well between research activities and job hunting activities will do well in both as a result.